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Event Spaces

The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center

Multiple Building Options

The Cabarrus Arena & Events Center has multiple building options. Please take a look at the various layouts and size options. From a carpeted, intimate environment to an open floor plan consisting of 70,000 square feet, the possibilities are limitless. In conjunction with our buildings, we have an 11-acre midway that can accommodate a multitude of needs. From RV housing to county fair celebrations, we have it all.


Large oval floor space (28,800 sqft),
Stationary seating (2,200),
Floor seating available (+2,500),
Glass atrium,
Event Center

Event Center

Large open floor space (70,000 sqft),
Air wall can divide into 2 rooms,
Event Center B (30,000 sqft),
Event Center A (40,000 sqft),
Roll up doors.
Gold Hall

Gold Hall

Two separate rooms,
Gold Hall 1 (20,000 sqft),
Gold Hall 2 (10,000 sqft),
Hallway with restrooms in center,
Glass foyer leading into each room.
Cabarrus Rooms

Cabarrus Rooms

Small open floor space (5,000 sqft),
Carpeted floor,
Air walls can divide into 3 rooms,
Cabarrus Room A (2,500 sqft),
Cabarrus Rooms B & C (1,250 sqft each),
Glass foyer (1,300 sq ft).

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