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Assemblies, Exhibitions & Entertainment

Our Booking Process

At the beginning...
  • A discussion with the client takes place to understand the event's purpose and needs.
  • A pre-event estimate is then created. This aids in identifying the room, equipment, and services required, as well as provides an idea of financial requirements.
When ready to secure your venue...
  • A License Agreement (Contract) is then presented to book your event.
  • 50 percent of the Facility License Fee (Room Rental) is collected at the time the contract is signed.
As the event draws closer...
  • Discussions with our Event Manager will begin in order to better detail the layouts, equipment needs, and services required.
  • Discussions with our Food & Beverage Director will begin, if food and beverage is requested.
Almost there...
  • 14 Days prior to the event, a final estimate is presented for payment in full, to be paid at this time.
At the conclusion...
  • Upon the conclusion of the event, a finalized inventory of the actual usage will be confirmed. A final invoice will be produced. The difference will be paid accordingly. Either the client will pay the difference, or the Cabarrus Arena & Events Center will reimburse the difference.
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