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There is a $8.00 per car parking fee for most events, credit or debit card only. The event you're attending may be offering free parking. Check the details of the event you're attending for specifics.

There are 3,000 parking places at Cabarrus Arena & Events Center. Half of these are behind the buildings and easily accessed from any entrance.

Cabarrus Arena & Events Center has four parking lot entrances, but some entrances may not be in use for your event. During large events, traffic control officers will direct traffic flow around the venue and guide visitors to the best available parking. They will also direct traffic away from the complex to help everyone exit as quickly as possible. NC Highway 49 to Heglar Road to Old Airport Road is a good alternate route to and from large events.

Campers and recreational vehicles are not permitted in the general parking areas. RV parking with water, sewer, and power service is available for some events. Please contact Cabarrus Arena & Events Center office at (704)920-3976 at least a week in advance to determine availability.

Accessible parking is available near the entrance to each building. Visitors requiring accessible parking are encouraged to arrive early.

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